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Bobby Bright is an exciting young fiction author, whose passion for writing encompasses novels, short stories and narratives across a wide range of genres, including crime fiction, comedy, western, horror, science fiction as well as psychological and political thrillers.

After leaving school Bobby worked in the motor trade dealing with prestige vehicles from all over Europe whilst at the same time studying with the Open University to obtain a combined degree in Astrophysics, Chemistry, Psychology and Genetics.

In addition to his interests in writing, business and education, Bobby’s other passion is his collection of native British Mountain and Moorland ponies. Bobby has become one of the country’s best-known and respected trainers of these beautiful and rare breeds, competing with them at County Shows across the country with great success, including fourteen National Championship titles and three Horse of the Year Show wins.

Bobby’s debut novel is entitled Outlawed, a thrilling journey of vigilantism through the seedy underbelly of America’s most dangerous city, Mecklenburg. Outlawed tells the story of a courtroom sketch artist so frustrated at the city’s violent culture, combined with constant observations of the guilty gaining freedom due to the frailties of the American justice system, he sets out on illegal retribution of his own.

The first in a trilogy of novels, Outlawed will be published in early 2015, with The House of KArds and The KArds You’re Dealt to follow at a later date.